Send in the Clowns


Isn’t it rich, are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air
Send in the clowns

Isn’t it bliss, don’t you approve?
One who keeps taring around, one who can’t move
Where are the clowns, send in the clowns

Just when I stopped opening doors
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours
Making my entrance again with my usual flair
Sure of my lines, no one is there

Don’t you love farce, my fault I feel
I thought that you’d want what I wantsorry, my dear
But where are the clowns, quick send in the clowns
Don’t bother, they’re here

Isn’t it rich, isn’t it queer
Losing my timing this late in my career
Where are the clowns, there aught to be clowns
Well, maybe next year

Salah satu lagu di pentas musikal broadway (yang katanya) terkenal, A Little Night Music, yang digubah oleh Stephen Sondheim. Ada banyak sekali versi lagu ini, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, bahkan Judi Dench. Tapi di video yang aku kasih di atas adalah versi Catherine Zeta-Jones waktu dia terlibat di pementasan A Little Night Music. Enjoy. :)



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