Budapest by George Ezra (2013)

My house in Budapest
My hidden treasure chest
Golden grand piano
My beautiful Castillo
For you
I’d leave it all

My acres of a land
I have achieved
It may be hard for you to
Stop and believe
But for you
I’d leave it all

Give me one good reason
Why I should never make a change
And baby if you hold me
Then all of this will go away

My many artifacts
The list goes on
If you just say the words
I’ll up and run
Oh, to you
I’d leave it all

My friends and family
They don’t understand
They fear they’d lose so much
If you took my hand
But for you
I’d lose it all


*This is the soundtrack of my time in Netherlands. :))
Johnny (my cousin) told me to listen to this song while we’re in his car, on our way home from Keukenhof (itu lho, taman bunga tulip di Belanda), and that was my second day being there.

Awalnya saya nggak tahu itu lagu apa. Liriknya pun nggak nggak jelas bahasa apa, awalnya. Saya kira ini lagu orang Belanda. Haha. Hampir setiap hari, saat saya dengerin radio di mobil sepupu-sepupu saya, lagu ini diputer sama SkyRadio (dunno why they stay tune to that channel only), and then the music got stuck in my head because it’s so earcatchy (just listen to it!).

I paid attention to the lyrics and searched it on google. And it’s George Ezra’s. I downloaded it and put it on my phone and played it any time I could and that song easilly became the soundtrack of my trip.

Now, every time I listen to it, it will take me to the time when I was in Johnny’s old car and we sang together to the “I’d leave it all” part, or the time when we drove Bude-bude back to Bastion Hotel (I stayed in Alex’s house), or those gloomy and rainy afternoons there (Netherlands’ in summer? Well, summer my *ss..).

I think this is the only picture of Johnny and me in the nine days of me being there. I’ll see you in October, Johnny. ;)

Greetings from Madurodam

Greetings from Madurodam



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