Heavy Handed

Heavy Handed by James Bay (2014)

It’s only getting harder
Talking to you without falling down
And this house keeps getting darker
We used to love, now all we do is shout

If we’re cutting any corners
There’s still a chance to make it right
So let’s put our heads together
Before we lose our mind

Have I been holding on too strong?
Maybe I’m coming off all wrong
Is it our heavy handed love
Keeping us from moving on?

Feels like I’m treading the water
Trying to keep my head above the line
I hear the sound of you get softer
Lately you’ve been just so hard to find

And there’s nothing I want more now
Than to say the perfect words
I try to make it better
But the trying only hurts

I’m not ready to go tonight
I’m not ready to go tonight
I’m not ready to go tonight

P.S. Lagu ini adalah salah satu lagu James Bay yang paaaliiiing sering saya dengarkan. And it’s suffice to say that this is my second favorite song of his. Waktu saya pertama denger, saya kecentok sama musiknya, terutama bagian refrain. Nggak lah, liriknya nggak ada arti mendalam bagi saya. Sama seperti Worth It-nya Fifth Harmony, saya cuma suka sama musiknya. :))
Okay, I know. Bad example. But still. :P

Saya heran kenapa lagu ini nggak masuk di album Chaos and the Calm, ya? Hmm…


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