Scars by James Bay (2015)

You’re setting off
It’s time to go, the engine’s running
My mind is lost
We always knew this day was coming
And now it’s more frightening than it’s ever gonna be

We grow apart
I watch you on the red horizon
Your lion’s heart
Will protect you under stormy skies
And I will always be listening for your laughter and your tears

And as soon as I can hold you once again
I won’t let go of you, I swear

We live through scars this time
But I’ve made up my mind
We can’t leave us behind anymore

Your hands are cold
Your lips are turning blue, you’re shaking
This fragile heart
So heavy in my chest, it’s breaking
And in the dark, you try to make a pay phone call to me

But you’re miles away
You’re breaking up, you’re on your own
It’s hard to take
I need an hour just to say hello
But I can’t make the truth of this work out for you or me

And for all the pennies in your pocket
We barely get a second just to speak

We live through scars this time
But I’ve made up my mind
We can’t leave us behind anymore

We’ll have to hurt for now
But next time there’s no doubt
‘Cause I can’t go without you anymore

Ini lagu James Bay ketiga favorit saya (now that I realize, If You Ever Want To Be In Love is my first one because it gives me SOOOO many sentimental feelings. I mean the lyrics. Haha..)
Saya pertama dengar lagu ini waktu saya oprek-oprek Youtube, nyari video live performance-nya James Bay. Pas saya nemu video ini, saya kecentok dong sama lagunya. Tapi waktu itu James Bay baru ngeluarin dua EP. Makanya saya sampai stres nyari-nyari lagu ini ada di album mana. Terus Hold Back the River EP keluar, lagu ini juga nggak ada di dalemnya. Other Sides EP keluar, juga nggak ada! Akhirnya saya pasrah.
Nah, awal tahun ini, waktu dia mulai promoin pre-order album Chaos and the Calm, baru ketahuan kalau ternyata lagu ini disimpan buat debut studio albumnya. Tapi emang sih, ini salah satu lagunya yang paling enak dan ear catchy (buat saya).

Tuh videonya udah saya skip sampai bagian dia nyanyi. Awal-awal dia cuma cerita apa yang menginspirasi lagu Scars itu. (gila ya, dari berantem sama pacar bisa jadi lagu. Hahaha..)


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