Sorrow by David Bowie (1973)

With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue
The only thing I ever got from you was sorrow

You acted funny trying to spend my money
You’re out there playing your high class games of sorrow

You never do what you know you oughta
Something tells me you’re a Devil’s daughter

I tried to find her ’cause I can’t resist her
I never knew just how much I missed her

With your long blonde hair
I couldn’t sleep last night

Saya rasa ini lagu pertama Bowie yang bikin saya kecentok. I basically like songs with repetitive tunes. They sound so simple, tapi kadang malah saya susah mengingat dan menirunya (contoh lain ya Book of Josie-nya Tim Robbins itu). And this Sorrow is definitely one of them.

Sometimes ago, I gave David Bowie a shot. Just because. And apparently he wasn’t only about Fame, Heroes, or Space Oddity. He’s more than his movies, Labyrinth and The Hunger, for example.
He’s SO cool! His music is very different than what I usually listen. His voice is so nice (for me, who never really cared about a male’s singing voice. The last male singer that his voice I praised a lot was Ed Sheeran). So is his music, his style. Just take a look at his music videos, or album covers. HIS EYES! Oh, his eyes! I thought he was wearing lenses or something. Or that he had heterochromia. Tapi ternyata bentuk pupilnya memang berbeda. Pupil kirinya “rusak” dan melebar secara permanen. And it only makes him look eccentric and even more majestic.

I love Queen’s Under Pressure (just like anybody else does), but little did I know that that song was written by Queen and Bowie! Wow.. They even recorded the song together. And I just knew that when I listened to Bowie’s greatest hits. I thought, “Oh, what a great song. Even Bowie covers it.” Ternyata Bowie ikutan ngarang lagunya. But he and Queen NEVER performed that song together on stage. I don’t know why.

Okay, enough about this Bowie rambling. Just take your time to listen to his songs. My favorites so far are this, Life On Mars, Sound and Vision (oh!! This one!!). :)

PS. Saya pengen ukulele niiiiiih. Ada yang mau beliin nggak? Tapi saya nggak mau yang murah-murah lho ya, yang cuma bunyi kencrung-kencrung. Saya mau ukulele buatan lokal juga nggak apa-apa, tapi yang kelas premium. :P
Ukulele is one of the things that I’m definitely gonna buy when I graduate. Amen.


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